Chantal Lambeth is a food stylist who draws from her past and uses those experiences as tools to take on challenges of food styling in a bright, fresh, and unique way. Her passion for food has led her from a childhood of messy mud pies to professionally arranged foods. In addition to being an experienced food stylist, a unique quality that Chantal possesses is being a well seasoned recipe developer. Her background stemmed from a professional kitchen, budded when she was and au pair, and blossomed in the time she worked in a test kitchen for a publishing company. Over the years she has developed and written hundreds of recipes, and is known among her peers for her passion and unique flavor combinations. Understanding the evolution of a recipe helps Chantal interpret what the food needs to communicate, and how her styling can help portray the message. Cooking, brewing, and eating also fosters her close relationship with food. No matter how big or small, food evokes emotions and styling allows her to express that to others. Her love and passion continue to grow everyday and has become how she creatively communicates with the world.

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Air Wick, Arby’s, Bloomingdales, Bon Appetit, Bravo, Burger King, Crest, Country Crock, Curtis Stone, Daniel Boulud, Food and Wine Magazine, Food Arts, Food Network, Frei Brothers Wine, Gevalia Coffee, Gillette, Good Morning America, Haagen Dazs,  Harper Collins Publishing, Hellman’s, Hormel, In Style, Kit Kat, Lay’s, Macy’s, Marcus Samuelsson, Martina McBride Cookbook, Mina Spices, New York Magazine, Organic Valley, Pepsi, Prevention Magazine, Purina, Spam, Sunchips, Time Magazine, Tostitos, Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, Wine and Spirits.